Minestrone Soup Recipe – Laura Vitale “Laura In The Kitchen” Episode 12


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  1. Laura,i'm watching Your recepies,and i used them few times already.Thank You .You are great cook.And biutyfull girl.I love Your voice.I thing i'm follow in love with….Could You married me?:).

  2. All these people…its too fat, its too oily, it has too many carbs…well yes, most delicious things do. You don't have to eat this everyday and in any case it's much healthier than burger king and mcdonalds. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION PEOPLE! Today you'll have a soup that has more carbs but for dinner you'll have a nice salad. MODERATION! You're amazing Laura, congrats on your show!

  3. Joe u r sooo smart to hv laura, a cute & beautiful chef as your wife. We r jealous of u. Btw i juz made this today by using fresh chicken breast istead of pancetta or bacon to cut down on sodium. Nice recipe. Thanks Laura. You r very sweet & chubby at this video. Love both of you!!

  4. This is a lovely recipe, but unless you are prepared to wolf down the whole pot, straightaway may I suggest using less stock in the dish and cooking your pasta on the side – and adding pasta to individual portions. Reason being – if you don't finish the pot, the pasta will soak up all of the liquid, go soggy and leave you with a thick minestrone 'stew'. (I know because this is what happened when I made it). Next time, definitely going to cook the pasta on the side. Thanks Laura !

  5. My God, you must be really intellectually vulnerable, being that much stupid.

    I'm probably a better cook than you can ever wish to be. All my family, on both sides, held either restaurants or were in the food industry. My dad's a gourmet cook, really well known here in Montreal.
    Talking about Montreal : we're loaded with different cultures over here, and since we're open minded and clever, we have one of the best gastronomy in the world.

    Hey, but we're also really funny people!

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