Minestrone Soup Recipe


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  1. Interesting to note that you used an actual REAL turnip rather than the "Rutabaga" or "Swede" that many North Americans THINK is a turnip. I have only just discovered your channel . Although I have absolutely 0% Italian blood (mostly Scottish, actually) I do truly enjoy authentic Italian food and the style of cooking. I have already learned how many things that I was doing incorrectly (or maybe just sloppily… but It tasted great…) and that is not a bad thing.

  2. Happy New Year Chef Pasquale and thank you so much for your recipes and your love of cooking! We made this tonight for our big family and it was wonderful! Also, thanks for the tip of not cooking the pasta in the soup. I had always done that before and wound up with soggy pasta the next day. Have a great day and best wishes from Germany.

  3. I like this guy because he's legitimately Italian, not an American doofus claiming to be "Italian" just because their name ends in a vowel. Rule of thumb, if you can't speak Italian, and you've never been to Italy…YOU'RE NOT ITALIAN.

  4. One of my absolute favorites. I've never had it with cabbage, which is one of my favorite vegetables. The two together whol be an instant winner. I know what I'm making for dinner tonight!

  5. Ma così per togliermi la curiosità, lei da quale città viene? Intendo in Italia

    okay ho cercato adesso, non conoscevo la citta di Orsara. Pensavo fossi Calabrese/Siciliano 😀

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