Mike Cooks Our Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe!


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  1. American cheese is awesome! We made the mistake once of buying fake American cheese. That crap was terrible. I think people who have eaten that think that's what American cheese is supposed to taste like. You have to get real American cheese that is made with milk and cream and butter and not made with hydrogenated oil. There's nothing better than a nice hot grilled cheese sandwich made with real American cheese on a cold day.

  2. I am so glad that I finally got the cookbook/everything good in the entire universe book. Oh thank you so much. So so wonderful. I’m in housewife heaven right now. Ordered one for my daughter and daughter n law for Christmas. You are brilliant. Don’t worry about the haters n trolls. You win!!!!!!! I checked out the end of the book and you win. God bless you for sharing with us all. Kay

  3. I made the soup today. Got your recipe off your website, and it is very good! My husband is not a soup person and getting him to try soups takes an act of Congress. I made grilled cheese and ham to go with it like you guys had made. He loves your soup! When I get some extra money I'm so buying that cook book!

  4. I like how Mike always has a smile on. I used to have your print books but used them too much they looked horrible. I sure would like some of the ebooks in print form.

  5. Stick a metal fork into the mason jar out of the fridge and then pour the hot bacon grease in and it won’t break the jar. When I was a kid I didn’t know this and had the jar break as I was holding the jar and it broke and hot grease terribly burned me. When my mom got home from work she taught me about the fork. Today I poured hot bacon grease into a cold jar of bacon grease, with the fork in it and it didn’t break… been doing this for 45 years now.

  6. if you google gluten free bread that doesn't suck (seriously – not kidding) and you will find a recipe by Jillee. It is an easy recipe, actually tastes good and you can add extras such as nuts and seeds. Also I use the flour recipe she gives you to make pancakes (1 c flour mix, one egg, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar and milk to make a smooth batter)

  7. Please go to the soap conference. The more contacts you make the cheaper our costs could be on supplies. If it will be too much of a physical or financial burden… don't do it though okay. Tarwa you look a little exhausted. If the best you can do this year is thinking about going that is fine. Thank you for thinking of us. 🙂

  8. Didn't get back home in time to watch you all live~ shucks. Yay Mike thank you for cooking! My husband LOVES Broccoli Cheese soup and I will make this for him next week. The only thing he makes to for us to eat is a scrumptious pea salad and occasionally some good scrambled eggs. I'll have to share this episode with my sweetie. ~ Say, love your apron ~ my oldest son would really like this 🙂 Wishing you and Tawra and the family a very blessed and fun weekend. We will be spoiling our 4 y/o grandson Tommy alllll weekend~ shhhh don't tell their parents 🙂

  9. Roll Swap!!! What a great way to appreciate what the other person does. I know you had other reasons but I am sure it helps you appreciate the other person as well. Mike, you did great. I hope you will cook some more for us soon. 🙂

  10. oh darn it – i missed this totally – wish i had never been a shelf fill supervisor in a supermarket – in days of yore – way before nursing the elderly took over my work life – all my shelves have to be straight – labels forward and stock rotated – this drives my hubby (kitchen wench) nuts but i have to do it every month or so – so today was it – my hands were twitching and itching and i couldnt ignore it any longer – but i can sigh a huge sigh of relief – i see it as a way to knowing what i need for my next shopping mission for living on a dime – yay – thanks guys again for an awesome book and sorting out my kitchen – which i thought was sorted but now its ultra sorted – lol – so will binge watch a couple of your videos while i munch on last nights calzone – yummo

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