Mexican Torta Steak Sandwich Recipe


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  1. this man touches raw beef then cabbage yet all the viewers give the indian cook videos all kinds of hell while they turn a blind eye to this chef and the french chef on pbs who is really bad about handling raw meat with his fingers go straight to bread! tjis man had access to tongs which u see him using later.

  2. haha im a foods person and i search variety of foods online, funny thing is right when i saw this video i automatically knew you were the bald chef because of asian recipes you did before. just saying that because i go through lots of videos and i dont even know who it is but this one i automatically knew who was cooking once i saw face.

  3. Glen your making me fat and killing me with all that good food your cookin Brother lol. I love Mexican food and you can never enough of it.

    Just curious if have made a authentic Mexican salsa?

  4. My Mom thinks she loves Mexican food, but the truth is she really doesn't even know what it is, as much as she thinks she's an expert on the subject. Point being, I just introduced her to the Torta, a local pub made, a few weeks ago and it was good, but I think I would have rather served her yours any day of the week, buddy! Good Job!

  5. That is one absolutely delicious sandwich! Its nearly grilling season here in AUS.I need to find a similar bread & I must definitely make this for hubby & his mates. Thank you Glen 🙂

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