Mentaiko Spaghetti Recipe (Japanese Pasta with Spicy Marinated Pollock Roe) | Cooking with Dog


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  1. 私の地元名古屋では、明太子といえば、辛子明太子を指し、タラコのことを明太子とは言いません。

  2. Hahahaha!!! Francis is so cute! I made this but did not put daikon. It was delicious!!! My favorite way to have mentaiko is with musubi, especially if the nori is freshly roasted! Oishi!!!

  3. This channel is so cute I swear hahahah. The narration by doggy😂 Thanks for the awesome cooking videos, all of the food looks so yummy it's making me reallyyy hungry!! Thumbs up for the effort and everything👍 New subscriber here!!

  4. Hey Cooking with Dog! I am starving was just wondering if tou could please make me some lobster mentaiyaki as I love mentaiko. Thank you very much/Arigato!

  5. Chef san
    Watashi ha America no Idaho shu ni sunde masul. Kokoni ha mentaiko naidesu. Attemo Reitou de sugoku takaidesu. Nagoya ni kaeru tabi ni Mentaiko spaghetti tabete masu. Ichido Nagoya no Motoyama ni aru Frying Pan restaurant de mentaiko spa wo tabete kudasai. Sekai saikoh dato omoimasu.

  6. Also, it is very inexpensive. About $5.00 for 2 large spaghetti servings. They speak English so don't worry about emailing any question. If you subscribe to them you can log on to see other products. I love Marukai Market.

  7. You can add a plain hot, chili sauce of any kind. It turns the cream a nice pink. Shriracha is good for this but it does add a garlicky flavor. Sorry, I'm answering for the chef but he doesn't seem tp answer questions.

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