Memphis Style BBQ Pork Steaks Recipe


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  1. We live 45 minutes north of Memphis. Rendezvous is an awesome place. They are famous for their ribs and rightly so, it doesn't get much better. Add a baked potato to those pork steaks and I would be a happy camper.

  2. REally enjoyed the video. I live in Olive Branch, MS and go to  rendevzous all the time. One of my favorite rubs and sauce.
    Question, Where did you get the heavy duty grates for your weber? I hate the cheap ones that came with it. Just bought a SantaMaria. Will use it Thurs for the first time.

  3. Love all your videos Russ! Thanks for sharing all the great information, new products, and awesome recipes! Please keep up all the great videos! Much respect and happy holidays to you- Sincerely Neil Webster in Central Illinois 😀

  4. You really out did yourself on this cook Rus…lord those pork steak's really look outstanding making my mouth water..I really enjoy your videos alot, you make grilling look so easy

  5. I'm sitting here drooling, great video and terrific looking steaks. I'll bet they were delicious. A couple of questions for you; #1, What thickness is the griddle plate that you use at the beginning to seer the steaks? Is it from Weber or made locally? #2, The mop with the SS mop head head that you use to sauce the steaks, where is that from? Must be far easier to clean then other versions. Thank you and keep the great videos coming.

  6. Greetings from North East Arkansas.  We are only an hour north of Memphis and can get Rendezvous rub and sauce at Kroger.  The rub rocks, I personally prefer Sweet Baby Rays sauce.  I do love a good pork steaks, but do mine in the oven.  I have to try your grill method, those pork steaks look outstanding.

  7. I agree the Rendezvous Rub and sauce is great, however, it is VERY expensive to order online and get shipped. I am glad you found someone local that could get you some quickly. And as well, I am sure you have heard of the Memphis Cheese plate, Rendezvous sprinkles the rub on their smoked sausage/cheese plate too and it is great.

  8. Great videos. I have a mess of pork steaks, I'll give that a whirl. About how long did you sear them for? Also you should give are regional sauce a try, it's a marinated and basting sauce. It's called Cornell sauce or firemans chicken up here north central Pa.

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