MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Twice Cooked Pork (Chinese Recipe) [回锅肉]


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  1. Green onions is what it looks like, not garlic, also how did you get so rich? Did you earn your money making you tube videos? That kitchen is in a very expensive house. Lastly, you cook very well.

  2. The green stems she referred to as "leeks" are actually garlic chives, also known, not surprisingly, as 'Chinese leeks.' The ones she's using are mature, the young ones actually do look more like the chives we are used to using in the West, hence the name. It is easy to differentiate between onion chives, green onions and garlic chives. Garlic chives are the grown sprouts of the allium (garlic) family and have a flat, grass-like leaf, like the ones in this video, not a hollow one as do onion chives and green onions. They are definitely not green onions, scallions or spring onions, which are all the same plant and a distinct member of the onion family, just some regional name variances …Google garlic chives, grasshopper.

  3. Just to precise what vegetables are used here. They are called chinese (=asian) chives or Garlic Chives. It is a variety of the species Allium tuberosum.

    To be complete, the Alium genus is commonly used :
    Allium cepa = common onion when grown up, scallions or green onions when immature.
    Allium ampeloprasum = Leek
    Allium tuberosum = garlic chives, asian chives, korean chives (buchu) etc.
    Allium sativum = common garlic

  4. I love your channel. I went to the local H Mart (a chain of huge Asian supermarkets), and they said they didn't have Sichuan Dou ban Jiang. So I got a jar of Sichuan Style Broad Bean Sauce. First ingredient: Xian Douban. I am guessing that's the same thing. If so, folks can ask for Lee Kum Kee brand (very popular in the United States) Sichuan Broad Bean Sauce. Your recipes are wonderful, and you make it fun.

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