Melt-In-Your-Mouth CHICKEN BREAST | Simple Baked CHICKEN Recipe


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  1. Recipe is a superhit. Tastes awesome. I have a query. You are showing cheese cube medium size. Is this the Amul cheese cubes available in the market ? I used one such cube. Is it okay ? In the video the cheese cube looks a little large . Thanx for such an easy and tasty recipe.

  2. hey.. i tried this recipe today.. it turned out to be really good.. but i felt the chicken came out a little bit dry.. the next time i make this i will bake only for 30 min and make a creamy cheese sauce to pour on top

  3. I only have a regular oven without convection mode or microwave.  Could you translate the cooking time and temp to match a regular oven?  Also, what is the curd that you mentioned, is it plain yogurt?  And is the cheese mozzarella? Those are my best guesses from seeing what they looked like and how the cheese grated.  Thanks for any help you can provide!!  The end result looks absolutely deeeeelish!!!

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