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  1. I've learned so many new techniques from your videos and books, chef. All my dishes have improved. I can't thank you enough for these "Chef Lessons." This is NOT a' la minute' food network cooking, people. This is the real deal. Outstanding instruction.

  2. I'd love to see you cutting into these… texture, moisture, sheen, body, all those good words! I wanna know what it's like to take a mouthful!
    Ye Olde recipe. excellent!

  3. Hi Chef,

    I've been wanting to try this recipe for a while now, but have had absolutely no luck finding someone to sell me pork neck. Would pork shoulder work? The cuts of it I've seen look superficially similar to the neck in your video.

  4. I tried this today and the flavour and texture of the meat was just great, but I think I messed something up at some point. I didn't have demi-glace, so I used concentrated veal stock instead. I ended up with much less fluid at the end. I didn't need to reduce it at all. When browning the meat I used my heaviest pan on a medium to high heat but the meat stuck to it a lot and so I might have over-roasted it a bit. Should I wait for it to loosen up or add some butter next time? I have pictures of the cooking process too, but that site is slow at the moment. I will update this later. It still was an awesome dish! The first time I ate pork neck like that and I will keep to it! (pork neck is quite popular here and easy to get). Thanks a lot for this! 🙂
    Edit: Here are the pictures:

  5. I still cant find pork neck, only neck bones. I really want to cook this dish, but I want to cook it the way its supposed to. I will keep looking and at some point, I will cook and eat this dish. 

  6. thank you for sharing all these recipe, i've been looking for this kind of tutorial since before but i was very happy i found  your channel..i will try this recipe and i will let you know.. i hope you can show more culinary techniques like sauces etc..

  7. I smoked a whole salmon yesterday afternoon over a charcoal fire and indirect heat. I wish I had thought about this recipe. I still have not tried this recipe but it  looks VERY tasty when I watch this video. Chef, I love your recipes that are historical and go back over 100 years or more. Thank you for this. 

  8. BTW Chef, the history lessons before many of your videos is quite nice. You have done a couple of chemistry lessons as well. Someday when your not over loaded, maybe you can do some more cooking science for those of us who like that sort of thing?

  9. Chef, this looks awesome. This dish might be five star, because that is the type of chef that you are, but I could see many home cooks cooking this dish bor a family dinner or supper. its easy to cook and wow chef, it looks amazing. I will be trying this dish, but I have one question. Since I love garlic so much would it be bad to add finely chopped garlic to the veggie combo and whole garlic to the spread for the bread?   

  10. If it wasn't for the trenchers, I would indeed say that this is almost similar to your Osso Bucco recipe. Personally, I like to hear the history behind a dish, just like you did. It adds an interesting value to the whole recipe.

  11. First off Id like to thank you for not starting this video by dumping ice water on yourself. This dish looks fantastic looking forward to trying it out. Curious to see if my butcher bats an eye when I asked for "Neck Fillets"

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