Meatball Recipe – Chef Pasquale


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  1. Watching this makes me think of my parents who I miss everyday. Thank you Maestro Pasquale. You’re a fantastic chef. I’m making Sunday meatballs today in the true Italian tradition.

  2. I'm dying to make these but keep getingt an error message each time I look for the written recipe. Does anyone have the actual measurements I could have? Please!!! and Thank you!

  3. Hi Pasquale, I made this recipe for dinner tonight, I served the meet balls on eggs noodles. All my family’s give a 12/10 👍 they want me to double the recipe next time. Thank you!!

  4. Mama mia! This was my grampa, making the best food for me when I was a kid, making everything with love. A truly beautiful man. Grazie mille per avermi ricordato della mia infanzia.

  5. Hello. I keep kosher. And do not mix dairy products with meat products. My question what to add or not to add instead of cheese. Thank you. I would love to receive a reply thanks again

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