Meal Prep: Healthy Dinner Back To School Ideas! Mind Over Munch


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  1. I never comment on videos, but I just had to… Your meal prep videos are the best!!! I love everything about them and they give me so much inspiration for healthy meals throughout the week! Thank you so much and keep them coming PLEASE! ;O)

  2. For the one pot pasta: USE A NON-STICK POT!!! I can't stress this enough, you do NOT want to scrape off the pasta-burnt sauce-concrete-mix that happens when you use a regular pot. Or maybe I'm just terrible at cooking, who knows.

  3. I don't know if you were pronouncing it wrong on purpose but just in case you weren't, worcestershire is pronouced Wuh-ster-sher or you can shorten it to Wuh-ster. English spelling makes no sense 🙂

  4. I need to stop watching you while I am at work. I am not only hungry, but itching to go home and cook! I cannot wait to make some of these recipes! They truly make me want to break out of my comfort zone and try new foods!

  5. It's amazing that you do that design with the salt and pepper every time! I absolutely love these meal prep videos (along with all of your other videos) so you should definitely do this type of thing again. I admittedly get a little lazy and don't always end up making these delicious looking recipes but I will one day! Either way, I will continue to "like" them and save them for later. Plus, EVERY SINGLE recipe of yours I HAVE made, I have absolutely loved and made again! Best cooking show ever!!!

  6. I came across your channel looking for diabetic recipes. I love lasagna and thought that I'd never be able to eat it again. Thanks to you, my zucchini lasagna is cooking in the oven as I type this. I couldn't add the spinach because my husband doesn't like it. I am so praying that this turns out. I have never been a fan of vegetables or fruits. I grew up up north and you ate meat, pasta and potatoes. So this being a diabetic thing has been very rough. But I am learning to like vegetables and am just having to find good ways to cook them. I had some left over zucchini and I cut it into thin circles, added chopped onion, garlic, salt and pepper. Once it was about half way done, I added a small amount of beef broth and it finished cooking and my family liked it so much that I was lucky to get to even try a bite of it. I just added enough broth to finish the cooking and it was mostly cooked away when it was done. Thank you for the recipe and the encouragement to try and cook the remaining zucchini on my own. Your excitement about food is contagious. ~ God Bless, Sherry

  7. Can i make a request for another meal prep? Freezer meals! Maybe freezer meals to dump in the crockpot? I have a planned c section in October, and I am not allowed to do any housework for weeks after, plus Ill have a newborn baby to tend to… My husband doesnt cook and I am so NOT eating pizza/takeout for weeks. D:

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