McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Recipe | Get the Dish


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  1. I worked for a McDs in Ontario Canada and we used real eggs 100% of the time. We would just crack them into the 8-ring device you put on the grill, cover it up, add some water to steam the top, and GG!

  2. They use 2 eggs a folded egg on the wraps and then the round eggs on the mcmuffens they only use fresh eggs at the store they crack them into about 16 molds and once the white is thickening the yoke is cracked the folded ones are depended on the store most use scrambled eggs on a long cast

  3. Has this bitch ever even been to McDonald's??? You don't have to request a real egg wtf, it comes with egg mcmuffins. God something about this girl I can't staaaaand

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