Matcha Pound Cake Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. LOVE THIS. I made this recipe last night, it is delicious! Not hard to make at all if you have a stand mixer. Pro tip, my friend and I didn't want a large expensive amount of matcha powder so we asked for three tablespoons at Starbucks and they gave it to us for a total of 87 cents!!
    7oz flour= 1 1/2 cups, 9oz sugar= 1 1/4 cups and use two sticks of butter

  2. I baked a lot of matcha flavored desserts in the past year and in my personal opinion, I think matcha doesn't match well with butter cookies or pound cake. Maybe it's the butter, it competes with the matcha and both end up losing. If you are someone who really likes matcha, I would suggest making a sponge cake with it using vegetable oil as a fat instead of butter. And frost it with a matcha whipped cream, barely sweetened.

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