Matcha Ice Cream Recipe


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  1. I hope that everyone realizes that this recipe can be easily messed up via its salt content, even with a coarse salt like seas salt. Salt will lower the freezing point of the ice cream of the batch significantly. A caveat to anyone making this recipe, don't add salt to this recipe, it makes it really squishy and melt at an alarming rate. I have no idea if I was the culprit, or if it was the recipe. He appears to have made a good batch however, so I am truly clueless.

  2. Great No-Cook Recipe w/2-Pasturized Egg Yolks. How large was the Small Container you put the Final Soft-serve mixture in? Or How many Quarts was your Self-refrigerating De'Longhi GM6000 Gelato Maker? Amazon did not mention any Capacity that I could find. Plus this was more expensive than others I've seen. Thanks for your great Instructions!

  3. I just watched your newest video, about making colored sushi rice, and also I've seen you make pink rice with raspberry juice and blue rice with a Japanese flower. How about making green rice with matcha powder?

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