Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Olive Oil, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. The very day I flew in from England as an immigrant a nice Italian lady made us home made fettuccine with her pomodoro sauce and parmigiana reggiano. We watched her crank out the noodles in a little machine. I thought I'd died and was with the angels. My mom couldn't cook and when she did it was overcooked beef, lumpy potatoes and soggy veg. Love Italian food. my absolute fave, but mostly the southern regions though. What i love best is the devotion to the very best ingredients possible.

  2. Made this tonight with steak. I don't like adding milk (farm fresh raw milk is amazing though) so I just save some of the potato water. The roasted garlic is very mild but delish. I confess to adding salt to the cooking water though since adding it after never really seems to penetrate it enough and so I use more of it than I would than if I just add it to the water. This is an excellent dish. Extra Virgin O O, nice and green and aromatic is a wonderful finish – thanks Gianni!

  3. Gianni, so nice to see you're back! Coincidently I fixed a turkey breast (stuffing with spinach and sausage as well) last night for my wife and I. While it turned out nice (maybe a bit overcooked), I'm greatly anticipating your video. Maybe you can help me master it. Any recipe you prepare is nice to watch. I grew up watching and helping both my Italian grandmothers fix simple and amazing Italian food. Watching your videos, brings me back to my family when I was young. Thank you, and keep making your great videos.

  4. Alright!!!!  Gianni's back!  Just in time for Thanksgiving too!  Though I tend to go a little light on the oils and fats/butters, I also happen to like my potatoes with variations in texture too… like you said – not like the American style, which is rather pasty, dense, or worse… runny.

  5. Hi Gianni,
    Just came home from Book Club and saw this.  Brought back memories of mom and our lunch.  I like  your smashed potatoes with a modern twist.  I think I will add this to my Thanksgiving feast – I can use soy milk for your vegan niece and regular milk for the rest of us.
    Thanks for reminding us of the great simple food we grew up on.

  6. Great recipe, Gianni. Your cooking reminds me of my grandparents. Growing up around Italian immigrants, I have a soft spot for this gorgeous food (and a crippling garlic and olive oil addiction), and I'm already having fond memories of an Italian-American Thanksgiving.

    Molto bene!

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