Masaledar Aloo (Spiced Potatoes) – Vegetarian Recipe/ Show Me The Curry


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  1. @naughtydevil02 : They are so fake..They have no all…What did they mean by Not a "Smashed potatote"..They don know shit abt indian food. Those bitches..go for 100 bucks every night..

  2. Stop apologizing about the oil, butter, or cream in your dishes. That's why Indian food tastes so good in the restaurants. If a home cook makes your recipes without all the good-tasting stuff, then they think there's something wrong with *your* recipe because the flavor isn't the same as the restaurant standard. Maybe say: And go take a walk for dessert instead.

  3. Humm Looking great!!! i like spicy food so will give it a try for sure!!!
    Thank you..and thanks i got some chinese recipes at ur website..thanks for ur warm reply!!!!

  4. I can smell the fragrance of this lovely dish from here. A quick recipe, too. I could make it after work, as long as I had leftover potatoes.

    Thanks, Hetal and Anuja/Anuja and Hetal.

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