Masala Sunny Side Up | Easy Omelette Recipe | Healthy Breakfast | Ruchkar Mejwani with Smita Deo


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  1. Hello mam…ek request aahe ki… recipe chaya aadhi sagla sahitya sanga… mhanje tayari karayala bara padata.. dar veli parat parat video rewind forward karva lagto…. aadhi sahitya sanga….pls….

  2. Hi Smita we tried the recipe and it turned out really awesome and yummy and all of us liked it tks for sharing such great recipes and keep it going tks amita newzealand tks

  3. Looks new! I'll surely try and let u know. U are my new guru from today. Absolutely loved ur recepis. I just subscribed to your channel, looking forward to new ones. Thanks 🙂

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