Marinated And Injected Rib Eye Beef Roast Recipe


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  1. Looks great have a couple injector, I have a wireless digital thermometer this way you can keep a eye on the internal temp. Remember internal temp at 160 it safe to eat. Also you can take it off early around 150 or 155, let it rest and the temp will still go up and your set.

  2. @amatureBBQer Gday mate, the Q has been been great, it does a really great job of roasts, and cooks food very quickly with the lid down. It's only shortcomings I've found is it can't produce the massive searing heat required for a blue steak like charcoal, and the whole grill is the same temp, ie you can't have one side cooler than the other. You can work around that though, it's never caused me any troubles. 🙂

  3. @shagglez They're not a common item in Australia, Myer was the only local shop I could find them in, they can be bought online though. They should be pretty widespread though if you live in the USA.

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