Mapo Tofu/麻婆豆腐/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes


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  2. hey kelly i love tofu but in the restaurants they do not put fresh tofu, every-time when i order it they give me fried tofu as you are showing at the beginning of the video

  3. glad I found this, it looks good. i notice people tend to have a their own way of cooking it, I'll definitely use this for beef next time I cook it. Thanks and love your channel. 🙂

  4. btw here is a genuin recipe abt this cousin:
    we use red bean paste, slow fried for 2min then add 3tsp beef mine, when mine get brown add finely chopped ginger+spring onin.then chopped garlic,then Tofu ( it has to cooking boiled water for 2 mins ), then 2tsp chinese rice wine,few drop so light soysouce, 1 tsp of suger. at last 4tsp of water+ haf spone cornstarch mix. mix all well. add toasted ground pepper powder at last. Ready to serve.

  5. He is absolute correct. But ppl like to hear what makes them good nor correct.
    CHINESE COOKING very very very hardly use Oliver Oil ( I would say naver but in my 30 yrs i havent expericed all Chinese cousin so im not make my oppenion too absolute )

  6. Why can't you cook the tofu and the meat at the same time? :/

    I've never actually cooked before, so could someone explain to me why? Is it cuz the tofu might get burnt or something?

  7. hmmm i think jasmine8021 is alittle bit correct about the bean paste and then the soy sauce, i happen to have one can of bean paste and it says on the nurtritional facts thats it has 449mg of sodium about 19% is that alot?

  8. @jasmine8021 your a noob. obviously you don't understand anything about Chinese culture, if you don't know about it, don't say anything. And those are just regular dried chili pepper! NOOB.

  9. @cookwithkelly lol, jasmine got OWNED. Notice that all the haters on youtube never have their own videos uploaded.

    I've tried making mapo tofu too, except I used MUCH less ingredients than your recipe – omitted peppers, ginger, cooking wine, olive oil, Szechuan peppercorn (used black pepper instead). Despite that, it ended up being very tasty!

    Could you explain what difference the cooking wine and ginger will bring to the flavour?

  10. Why use olive oil? Chinese cooking doesnt use olive oil. Also the bean paste is salty and you add more soy sauce? the szechuan pepper, you have to toast them first to let the natural oil come out and then your crush it.

  11. @MikisPantry Hey Miki, I just checked your blog out and I love it! You have a lot of great recipes and ideas. I will definitely check back. BTW are you a part of Chinese? Didn't know that you also speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

  12. @alborzka I never tried and never had a Mapo tofu with firm tofu, but I think it won't taste as good as medium firm tofu for this dish. If you ever try, please let me know how that goes.

  13. @kucibaba2 I don't think you can escape soy sauce or bean paste for this dish, otherwise it would be Mapo Tofu any more. Bean paste is the key for this dish, you can use salt as taste if you want to avoid soy sauce. I think this dish might be too spicy for kids. How old are your kids?

  14. I like firm Tofu, because it taste better. And you will find out it normally sold out quicker than medium and silk soft Tofu too in super market. Why? because it contains more minerals. 🙂 While when cook, it will turn golden brown like when cooking the balls, then, only need to turn around in time, and enjoy. 🙂 While if you are all veggie lovers, just forget about the meat part, and I am currently love the idea about adding cooked peanuts or other nuts to replace all meat in stead. 🙂

  15. Hi Kelly!
    I had a question about the tofu; if we don't like the texture of medium tofu can we use firm instead, or will the dish turn out weird?

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