Mandu: Korean Dumplings 만두


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  1. I discovered that dish in England when I was studying there.. I had Korean housemates and they cooked Mandu one day… and the interesting part is we (Turks) have the similar traditional dish which is called "Mantı" :))

  2. Love dumplings we usually making with cheese and potatoes in Poland but looks like Korean dumplings it’s so easy too will definitely try this version 😍 at least now I know how to use this bamboo 😅Thanks Kwon ☺️👍

  3. In thw future you will be a good father, who can spend cooking time with your kids.
    I want to be a person like you.
    I mean I want to teach my kid how to cook Korean food in Kwons Corner series.
    I always support you and I like your contents that are familiar with our life.

  4. This looks fantastic! It would be so easy to do a mexican/Korean fusión using chorizo as the pork.
    Please do another making the favorite type of dumpling you mentioned!

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