Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot


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  1. Hey guys, I just bought a Moka Pot and used it for the first time! It does tastes really good! I really can taste everything from the coffee, but I think I brewed it for a tad bit too long. Any tips on when to take the pot out of the stove? Thank you for helping out!

  2. Si usa solo acqua fredda e non calda, la valvola va appena coperta e non cosi sotto, la moka va sciaquata una volta finita ma non va mai pulita perfettamente. Meglio avere residui di caffe all'interno o residui di detersivo? Una volta uscito il caffe va fatto riposare almeno un minuto nella tazza.

  3. My favorite pot is a Signora Caffetiera from the '50's I found in an antique store, looks like it never went through a dishwasher and has a nice dark patina on the inside… it works great every morning!!

  4. Its a Percolator – and you forgot to mention to stir the coffee while it is still in the pot to mix it properly. Should use a Stainless Steel Percolator for many reasons including better pouring ability. As an Italian descent born in Australia, I am amazed the Italians in the USA never introduced proper coffee to America, as they did here. Our coffee is one of the best in the world. Also, confused to why a lot of Italian things have different names in the USA. Like Moka Pot etc.

  5. This is an Italian coffe moka Bialetti , and the firts rule is doesnt wash the moka inside , i never see put hot wather , people try to change perfect things in stupid american cusomization .
    Before say bullshits please read the Mokka istructions

  6. Make coffee with it? Dont! You buy it is great for a very short time but it start to corrode and that nasty white oxidation that comes back very fast also in places that you can not clean it is actually carcinogenic. It is not an accident that Italians and most people who care switched to stainless steel espresso pot. This pot is made from an aluminum allow that sweat some nasty corrosion and you are not able to clean it everywhere. Only poor people and those who do not know the problems use this thing. Its still great selling in many countries.

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