Madras Sambar Recipe | Mallika Badrinath | Lunch Box Recipe | Small Onion Sambar


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  1. madam one general question. i bought karrupati a month before and kept in a plastic cover. when i openned it i found some white hairy texture around it. whether i can wash and use that jaggery or it got spoiled so i should throw it. i have no idea what to do.kindly advise me what to do. and how to avoid this circumstance in future.

  2. Thank's so much mam and one thing I must say the Traditional pessel rally I found if we want to extract the Exact flavor it is impossible with stain less steel Grinder which just chopped the stuff but unable to extract exact amount of Flavor ………….

  3. Madam, a small request. It would have been better if you told how much time it takes for a particular thing to boil, how much time it should be cooked and again on small fire or large fire, which would be easier for a beginner to understand. Thanks.

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