Madeleines – French Recipe


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  1. @vladyerus To make plain madeleines, you need to butter and flour the mould! On the contrary, if you want to make cocoa madeleines (as I say at the end) it's better to dust the mould with unsweetened cocoa powder, to avoid white stripes on the surface

  2. @lycheesack Oh I should add that wild (even if they are cultivated varieties of wild) almonds are generally referred to as "bitter" almonds where as domesticated varieties (even if they are now gone wild) are generally referred to as "sweet" almonds.

  3. @lycheesack You need not worry, only wild almonds are dangerous for human consumption and that is because they contain Glycoside Amygdalin, which when the shell breaks turns into hydrogen cyanide. Domesticated Almonds lack the gene to produce Gly. Amy. and therefore cannot form the deadly cyanide. So unless you are buying "wild almond extract" which is probably illegal in most countries, you are fine.

  4. @katherineee89 The amount of milk depends on how much moisture absorbs the flour you're using… it should be about 5 tbsp, but check the consistency! And just a pinch of salt

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