Mackerel recipe – How to grill salted mackerel – サバのしおやき


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  1. Thats what i like! Hes not a master but certainly he gives off as a skilled cook! Can i ask u did u turned your salamander on both ways? Top n bottom? I need this for tommorow^^~

  2. I wish scoring fish were as easing as the chef makes it look. Don't you hate when your first slice doesn't pierce the skin, so you apply extra pressure the next go around and it's too much and you cut halfway through the fish? Sigh.

  3. I very much love Japanese food. However, I don't think I'm gonna cook any of them. Anyway, I really enjoy your videos, they always make me hungry!
    Although I studied Japanese language, and would love to practice the food names and cooking terms in Japanese, somehow I really love to listen to your English accent 😅

  4. My Grandmother is a rough cook. She just covered the Mackerel in foil and chunked in into the toaster oven. It instantly turned into my favorite fish dish. Despite all the bones! She drove by another day and gave me more cause she knew how much I liked it. Though heating it up in my own toaster oven not only made the house smell, it made the toaster over make anything else we made in it taste like fish! (For anyone curious a thorough clean with soap, then bake watered down vanilla/lemon on low heat to get that smell out.)

  5. I'm Norwegian, and a common recipe from my childhood is mackerel tossed in flour/salt/pepper then fried in a pan with butter. It's served with a cucumber salad (cucumber marineted in sugar and vinegar), sour cream and small new potatoes. Thank you for reminding me to cook some again! 🙂 ありがとうございます。

  6. Hi Dai! that is one beautifully grilled fish, can i ask at what temp do you grill at? i'm grilling at 400 C inside toaster oven but it has never looked like what you just did. Thank you in advance!

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