Macaroni & Cheese Recipe French Style – Holiday Cooking Part 1


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  1. i feel like i am watching an old friend cooking when i watch your videos which i have seen them all. we are at similar levels of food prep and i enjoy these videos please continue you Sunday ritual

  2. I make it very similar, but with duxelle of mushrooms in the cream, and sometimes I sprinkle some lardons of smoked bacon on top of the tomatoes. Firm favourite with kids!

  3. Hello ChefWhat kind of cheese are you using?Traditionally we use cheddar but yours does not look like cheddar.I love your site by the way .I was a chef saucier for many years in hotels in downtown Vancouver BC  Canada.I have left the trade but I still love to cook.

  4. Did I see the nutmeg shaken out of a tin? If you don't grate your own you'll miss out on the 2 for 1 surprise with fresh whole nutmeg. The lacy outer layer contains the spice called mace.

  5. Nice video. Can you make more chicken based recipes? I really liked the hunter's chicken and apple cider chicken recipes but theres not too many meat based ones that layman like me can do since im so busy. also i think what would make your channel even more popular is the "simplify" the recipes a bit. a lot of them are mostly very complicated and take a lot of time and effort.
    if they are more accessible more people would keep coming

  6. Did you cook the hachis parmentier? I can't find the recipe. If not, are you planning to cook it? I have a problem with it, my viande hache is very dry after cooking in the oven so i would like to know the secret)

  7. I love blending different cheeses in my macaroni and cheese. Freshly grated nutmeg goes in my macaroni and cheese. I also add a bit of mustard and sour cream. That recipe looks really good.

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