Lunch Ideas For Kids!!


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  1. Came here thinking these were lunch ideas literally for kids to make. Not happy. I'm only 12, disliked for misleading title. Ok lol I didn't dislike but it's a misleading title. I wanna cook more things as a 12 year old right now

  2. thank u, love the ideas, my lil boys r super picky! happy mothers day to u too carah, and i ws wondering, id love to see ur mom all glammed up, i dont think ive seen her made up, i know shes always busy…but i love to see her cook also! neway, have a blessed day!

  3. Great recipes, can be used for lunch boxes too:) I'm in Australia and haven't heard of Crescent pastry, do you think puff or short cut pastry would work?

  4. Great ideas!! I'm becoming more conscious about eating meat and am working on eliminating the majority of meat and dairy from my diet. Definitely want to try that bean dip ASAP! Yum.

  5. any tips on a picky 2 year old? I saw you did a video on a picky eater but it was for Alaina's age. My little one, Adalyn (22lbs at 28mths) is SUPER picky. We buy her the organic chocolate milks and Pediasures for her plus her multivitamins but i would love for her to actually EAT dinner with us instead of picking at her food. Her pediatrician said we're doing things right and its a stage but still…its a pain sometimes. lol. My oldest daughter (11yrs) eats very healthy and she even tries to help me and their dad help with her to eat actual meals.

  6. All of those look yummy! We have been trying to go the Pescatarian route but are also doing some chicken still. My kids aren't super into the Veggie burgers but I think it's because we haven't found good ones yet. Which kind can you suggest?

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