Lunch Box Beans & Cheese Enchiladas Video Recipe by Bhavna


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  1. This is known as enfrijolada (frijoles=beans) since this is made by dipping a fried corn tortilla in a BEAN sauce to fold it halfway and garnished with panela cheese (like paneer) and sliced onion rings…therefore enchilada is a fried corn tortilla dipped in chilli sauce

  2. You should try them stuffed with romaine black olives cheese and tomatoes garlic salt to taste . You can heat them up like that or baked them. We eat them up like that because we get tired of just cheese by it self.

  3. I'm Mexican and I must say this looks a lot like an actual Mexican enchilada, except we use chicken or scrambled eggs as filling. Just a little tip: fried the tortillas before assembly, that way they'll keep firm and won't get soggy with the sauce. It's very simple, add one tablespoon of cooking oil to a pan (make sure the tortilla is hot first), wait until is hot and put the tortilla on the pan for two minutes, then flip it and leave for two more minutes, add more oil if you need to. It's not deep fat fried, but it's not soft anymore.

  4. Your son is one lucky boy! I bet the other kids are drooling over his lunch! You make everything look so good & describe things so simply! I want to try to make this one.

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