Low-Fat & Healthy Cereal Bar Recipe : iCookNaked: Healthy Snacks


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  1. You can't call a recipe low fat when half of the ingredients contain mostly of fat. It might be a bit healthier recipe because there are no additives, but comon. Some people might actually believe the title. 😀

  2. Peanut butter healthy?? Peanuts are naturally high in fat and therefore one of the unhealthier choices of nuts in general… better to use something else other than peanut butter, maybe mashed up banana? Or a yoghurt perhaps?

  3. I'm not a nutritionist and  I'll admit I'm biased because I didn't care much for the video in general, but those bars aren't that great for your body. I my diet is based on if I can eat one kind of food and meet my daily requirements for a nutrient (such as protein or fiber) without going over halve of my caloric budget or overdosing on it or another nutrient (such as sodium) then its safe to eat. None of the ingredients in that recipe (accept for the date paste ,maybe) meets those standards. Just my two cents.

  4. I made these tonight substituting 1-1/4 cups of oats in place of the rice cereal and they came out really good. I also used dried cranberries instead of raisins since I don't like raisins.

  5. If use peanut butter powder and 2 serving almonds.. 84 grams fat.. at 6 servings 14 grams fat)) — 8 servings 10.5 grams fat. I did forget add cereal in but its about 1.5 per 3/4 or 1cup of cereal. If prunes contain fat that is not added but chocolate chips are… what is subtue for prune paste other then corn syurp… This more protien bar

  6. (So Regular peanut buter if use 2 servings of almonds that 138 grams fat at 8 servings 17 grams fat and at 6 servings is 23 grams fat ) …. reduce fat peanut butter and 2 servings almond 112 grams fat. (8 servings 18.5 grams fat.) (8 servings 14 grams fat)

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