Low Carb Recipes – Appetizers


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  1. As the idiot woman says at the end of the video, It's out of control here!

    My god, man, let me let you in on a little secret. Baked potato chips have no fewer carbs than fried potato chips. Sure, they have less fat, and if that's what you're going for, great. But please don't say, Oh, look here at these lower carb options I have for you: baked potato chips!

    That's just stupid.

  2. The carb count is not low, but is lower than it might have been otherwise. Atkins, which I am on, is great, but is not the only valid authority or voice.

  3. 10g carbs for a piece! That is a lot! You can wrap your asparagus in bacon and bake! Delicious but way less carbs. Not even 1 carb per piece!

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