Lose 5Kgs in 15 Days with Khichdi Recipe | Weight Loss Khichdi | Dinner Recipes Indian


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  1. Why to opt for normal khichdi when versatile vicky gave us option of delicious diet_O_Khichdi👌🤘
    PS: I am going to add this khichdi in my dad's diet so that he can enjoy while loosing weight.
    Much love💕

  2. thanks dear for sharing.initialy I tried your weight loss tea.then I started Your If pattern of 16/8 hrs fasting window. I have one query I will happy if you could guide me. I am taking tea with Stevia leave at 10.am is it ok. I take lunch at 2.30 to 3 pm & dinner at 10.30 pm . green tea at 5 pm. I do work out at 7am . I take your weight loss tea with Stevia leave in morning 10.30 am is that ok.bcz being a gynecologist my time schedule is not fix if some emergency comes then I start feeling Giddiness if I don't take something & I can't concentrate on my work.does that Stevia leave increase insulin

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