LIMONCELLO RECIPE | Nonna making the best limoncello in the world | Italian Homemade Recipe


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  1. I have made this for many years. I zest the lemons and let it soak in vodka for 2 or 3 months. Then I add the sugar and water. I then filter it a couple of times. Why is your limoncello creamy looking? Mine is a bright clear yellow. And I don't mean the one with the cream in it..which I must try by the way. Also I assume the cream one must always be refrigerated. How long does it last? If you don't drink it all. Thanks for your input!

  2. I’ve been extracting my first ever batch of limoncello for over a month now and have searched the Internet far and wide for an authentic Italian how-to guide to finish the final steps. You two are great and this is the best instruction I’ve found, thank you!

  3. I'm back to thank Nonna again! This is my 5th batch . I had to make this in secret because the friends and family start showing up mysteriously when I start to bottle and it's never " we love your limoncello " its " oh we love Nonnas Limoncello " that's ok. I love love love ya Nonna!!

  4. Vincenzo, your nonna reminds me of my Nonna!. Just with Limoncello Crema , what is the exact ingredients? just milk(how many liters) and how much sugar using the 1L of alcahol and 9 Lemons

  5. I am thinking of making a bunch for Christmas gifts.
    What do you recommend for storage and how long will it last.
    I'm thinking 25 quarts. Could I use mason jars.

  6. Finished Limoncello today, but it looks a lot more clear than nonnas, not as yellow lemony, also would like to know, do I put the finished product in the freezer straight away or leave out for the 20days and then put in fridge? thanks

  7. Afare fatto. …meta limoncello e metara crema. …ho assagiato Totti due e SONO ubriaca…è POTENTE. .non sono abbituata bere, ma dovevo assagiare. ..stasera ho unaprijed appuntamento con vicini di casa per nuovo asssagio. ..salute ..E ORA SI BEVE. ..HIK HIK HOORAY 😵😂

  8. Just loooove these videos, I am making limoncello right now with my own lemons, could you please part with the exact recipe for limoncello cream? that would be fantastic!!

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