Light Japanese Cotton Cheesecake [Gluten Free]


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  1. I tried to make this but it turn out dense at the base while the upper half shrink after cooling. The taste is good tho. Which part i may did wrong? Please help me TT

  2. I made this cake twice!
    The first time I baked it in the wrong temperature in the oven, because I forgot my oven used Fahrenheit instead of Celsius and ended up with a wet flat cake 🙈
    Round two the next day, I followed the instructions perfectly and the cake actually cooked! But it did not rise and it shrank when it cooled completely. It still tastes good though 😋 I will try again, but with proper technique next time.
    I enjoy your recipe because the ingredient list is short and not wasteful.
    I'll let you know how my third attempt turns out! 😊

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  4. hi there…just wondering if you could me with this cake? can you tell me how can I make the side of the cake really smooth? like it's wrinklish coz my cake; everything turned out to be great except the sides of it…it's wrinklish coz of the paper that I put in the pan…paper wasn't wrinkle but after theb cake is cooked, the side of it is kinda wrinkle…can you help me plster? thank you for your help 🤗

  5. Just finished baking this cheesecake and OH MY! it's so fluffy and so light. it taste nothing like cream cheese but it's so delicious. I recommend you let the cheesecake bake until the top is nice and dark. I pulled mine out too soon (I couldn't contain my anticipation) and the caramelized top is the very best part. this cheesecake is not coingly sweet, very well balanced. just had a big piece straight out the oven and it's just so good. it has the consistency of a souffle, moist and fluffy yet giggly. YUM! thanks!!!

  6. Is this meant to be eaten at room temperature?
    The initial texture turned out really good, but when I put some in the fridge to chill, it deflated and became denser.

  7. AWSOME recipe very soft like cloud even when u eat cold, so rich, im bake for total 2hrs, must wait until top dark brown like on video just u can chek by skewer, im subtitute 2tbsp lemon juice for 1tbsp vinegar would be better with lemon juice, 75gr sugar a bit to sweet for me, maybe 65gr nextime! the result cake not feel eggy! SUBSCRIBE TO YOU!

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