Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings | Appetizers


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  1. First of all that bite was asmr life goals!!! Second I had to cook this because he was speechless after the first bite…..😂😂amazing!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾great recipe

  2. So I’m a college student & I just moved into an apartment on campus. No more meal plan, so I’m able to cook in my own kitchen. I’m gonna make these TODAY!! I love your videos! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. YUMMMMM….mine and hubby's favorite wings…..AB what brand lemon pepper seasoning do you prefer? We cant seem to find one that makes us wanna stick with using any at all but we love the extra kick it gives on wings we buy out!

  4. Damn big homie them on point!!! Check it out tho, can i make those lemon wings without flour? Because I just got a air fryer for Christmas and damn I luv it fam so let me know if I got it right feel me one time….clean my wings instead of seasoning my flour just season the chicken then air fry it for about 20-25 min or what ever the time suppose to be then melt my butter in a bowl then put my lemon pepper in just like u did then dip them and roll'em around and it's a wrap? But one thing I thought u was going to do was after u put the winds into the lemon pepper and butter I thought u was going to bake them for about another 10 min or so but u didn't but that shit still looked good so let me know if I was on point or should I change something and another thing I saw that your lemon pepper was real dark like it had more lemon then pepper, so what kind of lemon pepper do u use?

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