Learn Italian – MY TOP 5 ITALIAN FOOD RECIPES! (No Pizza!? Yes, I am serious)


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  1. Agree with all these choices but have never heard of Cappon Magro (though it looks amazing). My family also originally comes from the Genoa region. I would have to add Gnocchi, my favorite..

  2. tiramisù we make it at home and i buy italian ladyfingers for it , for farinata we have a spanish version called calentica , it's the same recipe you described (but some people might add eggs), i avoid european cheese with animal rennet (even from calves) i eat cheese with rennet from fungus or plants , there is a list of halal cheese for each brand. we make focaccia too as the lady said , with black olives and tomato and we consider it as a variety of pizza. thank you for the lesson and for the useful PDFs.

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