Lazy Vegan Dinner Recipes! [DANI LAUREN]


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  1. i just stoped eating meal which was very hard since i ate it almost daily now im trying to do 1 week veggie 1 week vegan 1 week veggie and 1 vegan again .
    until i go full vegan
    im so happy to find this kind of videos <3

  2. TY for making this video using frozen and quick cook items. Watching other vegan youtubers I keep getting the impression they have time to make everything fresh from scratch when really some days no one has that kind of time on their hands. I'll keep some of these in mind, especially your tacos, I love tacos/burritos.

  3. I think it's soooo funny that every video with you cooking you spill something or something falls out of the pan! I feel like a lot of youtubers make it look perfect like nothing ever happens and you are being honest because when I cook there is shit everywhere! Thanks for being real with us

  4. I don't plan on going full blown vegan or vegetarian, but I have been struggling with incorporating veggies in my diet. I'm definitely using these recipes. That curry looked REALLY good, I would eat it with less rice.

  5. Love your videos, especially the food ones, but your voice is SOOOOO high pitched, it's very hard for me to listen to. The opening of this video was this way, however as you began to tell about the meals, it was muuuuch better. Overall, I really liked it.

  6. Great Video! Your too cute! I'm going to try making the curry potatoes tomorrow, as well as the pasta, they look so yummy! Also that spatula that you were using for the potatoes looks great!

  7. please do more of these videos! I'm going to go to trader joe's and try this… I've been interested in and researching a high carb low fat vegan diet, but was still unsure what to make that's convenient and good.

  8. This is my first video ever and I love you! Never mind you answered my question about if you are vegan or not! Haha! I love vegans but I am a vegetarian!! Subscribe!

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