layali lubnan (Lebanese nights) dessert recipe – وصفة ليالي لبنان


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  1. Thank you for your channel. I've subscribe it. I'm from Barcelona, Spain. May I ask you if "Thick Cream" is similar to "Crème Fraiche Epaisse"?   I've read some comments below and I think the taste would be more similar to crème fraiche than heavy cream. can you hep me please? Kss.

  2. Hello Laila! i'vejust stumbled upon your chanel and can't wait to try all the Middle Eastern desserts! I am a big fan of most and quite excited to try to make them at home. God bless you for sharing your knowledge and making the videos so simple and easy to follow. Thank you.

  3. Laila, I haven't seen a video from you for a while! What a wonderful dessert! I think I may make this for Ramadan .. tell me what kind of cream are you using? The texture looks different from the kind of cream we get here in Canada.

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