Lasagna bolognese – original Italian recipe


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  1. the béchamel tastes way better than mozzarella , sometimes I do top it off with some type of cheese , using spinach and ricotta and adding some spots of sour cream

  2. not an insult if your mama is from naples / brooklyn,ny & mozzarella & ricotta cheese with loads of pecorino & basil is the favourite and she preferred no meat & let the cheese do the talking — no right no wrong–just not a Bolognese just one fabulous tasty lasagna..

  3. Are you kiddin me?! It's an italian recipe, I think that a great italian cook like Sonia knows how to make it. Lasagna WITH mozzarella it's an insult for anyone who has ever tasted the original italian lasagne.

  4. You can find the links to the other recipes to the side of the ingredient list: bechamel sauce, and bolognese sauce

  5. To all those who say they rather have motzarella on there lasanga than bechamel sauce have never had real italian lasanga . If you did you would never go back!
    I was just in Italy,for 2 weeks and ate this exact lasanga recipe they used in a small pizzeria in the small city of Barga Italy. It was the best tasting lasagne I have ever tasted in my life!.
    I praised their lasanga so much they were happy to share the recipe with me !
    I am now addicted to this dish!

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