Labor Pains


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  1. During this election, NOT listening to Trump keeps one's brain from imploding from pure bullshit. Watching old movies keeps me grounded.
    I'd almost forgotten about dangerous 'Electromagnetic waves'. I think that media scare came right after MSG (or was it gluten), anyway all bullshit.
    Has anyone heard of a compass? it indicates the electromagnetic fields of the Planet Earth; MSG is Sodium, little different from baking soda, and table salt…On the same note, only 7/10ths of one percent of humans are affected by gluten. (NOTE: Sodium is a necessary element in your body, eliminate Sodium, and you die).
    I mentioned to a 68-year-old friend I bought MSG by the pound and used it in most of my cooking, he was shocked, but he's one of the idiots who thinks Kosher Salt (sodium) is different from regular salt. MSG adds the flavor of salt without adding saltiness. Cut all Sodium out of your diet and there's a deep dark hole in a cemetery waiting for you.
    I must be getting too old, I've seen all this bullshit before, nothing surprises me anymore.
    My wife and I produced two children, the perks of being pregnant are few and far between. I felt guilty she had to go through that, but she fully participated in the production activity, knowing the potential outcome.

  2. should have not stole my stuff Emily and lied about a kiki with obgyn with the cartels I told u today I asked for something cheap u didn't want to so now I don't care I told carro y'all r lieing I told the obgyn in Mexico u r lieing u won't give me what I want and usa did insurance fraud nope so by all agents

  3. For yall complaining about the miscarriage thing u realize if she had gone with that the story would have taken a dark turn even though it was a lie . She would have had to pretend to be in mourning depressed or whatever women go through at that time . This is a comedy kore or less a miscarriage would have thrown off the vibe .

    Although it was stupid to say she was that far along instead of saying she was a month or two

  4. Ok but a miscarriage. Literally just say you had a miscarriage. Or an abortion, though she might receive some criticism for it. False positive pregnancy tests also happen, though they’re not as common. ANY of those lies would’ve been better.

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