Kung Pao Chicken Recipe-Chinese Cooking-Dinner for 2


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  1. So this was tonight's dinner, that was fantastic. There's a Chinese takeout place a few blocks from here and they're the best in town, and this matched their kung pao chicken easily.

    I have enough ingredients left to make a couple more batches, so I think it's gonna be tomorrow's lunch as well. ^_^

  2. Made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. It is easy but a lot of prep work for we add more veggies. This is the closest to what we get at our favorite Chinese place and am now convinced to make more of your recipes at home. Hubby loved it. I added too many dried peppers and coughed for a long time…..learned a lesson there! Won't do that again. :-)

  3. As incredible as it may sound, I can´t find/buy neither osyter sauce nor rice cooking wine. I´d have to order it online and it would take some 3 months. I´m afraid there are no substitutes for these ingredients that seem to be oftentimes utilized in many delicious chinese recipes… :(

  4. Just made my first Asian oriented dish in my life!!! Thank you so much for making it an easy and simple preparation. It is delicious!! Looking forward to making more recipees!

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