Kung Pao Beef Recipe – Spicy Chinese Food


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  1. Yes making the chili oil is key to spicy Chinese food. You can adjust the heat of the dish not only by the amount you use but how long you let the peppers soak in the oil and how much you break them apart when you add them to the rest of the ingredients.

  2. The burn your butt ver sounds right up my street if you have the time. I grow my own chilli's even in Scotland but can never seem to get my recipes hot enough

  3. @wallacecres
    Thanks for your kind words … your waistline, etc. 🙂 On my list is a chicken wings recipe when I can find them for $ cheap. I'd like to make a burn your butt version 🙂 Not a fan of sweetcorn however. Oh yea and often my iPad comes with me into the kitchen. My iPad2 rules!

  4. Agree with last post the videos and the food have expanded my knowledge and my waistline, I refer to these often and now my ipad is next to the wok.

    Do you take requests, in particular I'm trying to source an orig recipe for chicken and sweetcorn soup and salt and chilli chicken wings

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