Kung Pao Beef – Easy Chinese Food Recipe


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  1. Nice Larry! Haha I know you have requests all the time but maybe try to get french onion soup in one of these vids 😉 I think I have it down to perfection but would love to see how you do it.

  2. Definitely cubes, for that "steak-like texture" ……Oh Yeah! Very nice cut for a very nice take on the traditionally chicken recipe. Looks delicious and love the way your high def camera really brings out the details of such classic food. Beautiful, presentation and am sure the taste surpassed its looks! MaryAnne; as well,  no contest. 🙂

  3. Chinese dishes I know. Will have to try and find some kung pao sauce on Wed when we are headed for the city.
    One store has lots of chinese items but have never seen that sauce. This one I will try if I can get some. another winner.

  4. Besides, chopped MaryAnne would probably clash with the beef…

    You're really on a sirloin roll lately. Must've been on sale.  LOL

    Screw the "lite" soy sauce. Gimme regular Kikkoman or nuthin'.

    That does look really exceptional! I've gotta pick up a slab of sirloin.

  5. Larry, I had to Google the cast of Gilligan's Island to remember who you were talking about! LOL! Upon review, I think you're right, Mary Ann is my choice too. Your Kung Pao beef looks heavenly, as does Mary Ann.

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