Kozak Kitchen Ep. 1: Family Meals Made Easy, Healthy Recipes, & Dinner Ideas


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  1. are you all using organic. and i thought meats was bad for parastes. These things to eat. im trying to learn what to eat for 1 person n simple cause lol i cnt half cook. but thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, I am 16 years old and I am trying to lose weight and gain muscle. Currently I am doing the 30 minute blazing fat loss workout, what other workout video should I follow?

  3. Great looking recipes.

    I think you should have separated them with a black screen/intro icon before each meal or uploaded them as separate video to Youtube after they were live on Snap Chat.

  4. Daaamn… that made me hungry… but as a French guy, I think that probably the third of the products you use isn't available here… ^_^"

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