Kosher Honey Chicken Recipe


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  1. Great recipe – I don't use oil in the mixture . The soy sauce and honey with garlic powder makes a delicious marinade … I put the chicken pieces in the marinade for 1/2 hour. I only use thighs so all pieces are ready at the same time .

  2. Great easy recipe but I would change some things. For one, just add the chicken to the bowl of honey and toss to coat. All that honey laying in the baking sheet will burn at 375degrees 35 minutes into cooking. Also, towards the end of cooking, you can always put the over on broil to get the skin even crispier.

  3. looks so yummy-I'm just wondering though what the equivalent cooking time is in a conventional oven (since I heard you say yours is a convection)? Is that 2 hrs you mentioned your friend uses the appropriate time? Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes! I don't know why The Food Network hasn't offered you a program slot (I can't help but notice that every winter "holiday" special they offer never includes Chanukah options); as someone who's not a natural at cooking, I'm totally addicted.

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