Korokke (Japanese Croquette Recipe) Cooking with Mom


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  1. yeah finally I know how to cook korokke thank you i will try this so that my friend try this, because when I was in japan last year I really love to eat korokke and I'm sure the kids also love to eat this Thank you 😊☺️

  2. I love the videos with your mom! She seems so sweet and I love how she takes her time cooking a nice meal, these days people are always rushing things so it's relaxing to see someone take their time 🙂
    Also when you said your dog loved cabbage I had to laugh out loud because I just discovered 2 days ago that one of my cats is crazy for Sauerkraut! I had a hard time keeping him away from my plate until I gave up and ended up giving him a little bit of Sauerkraut haha :'D

  3. Your mom reminds me of my recently passed grandmother, she always loved cooking and baking, in fact I did quite a bit with her when I was a young kid up until a few years ago. Thank you for doing this video with your mom :)

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