Korean Street Food – GIANT OCTOPUS Seoul Seafood


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  1. I always eat kosher or halal they Kill animals fast by slitting throat so No blood flow all organs die at the same time. The heart is Also a powerful organ and been proven to hold memories as well we need to kill everything fast or the meat wont be good , will contain stress chemicals.

  2. XD
    All commenters are octopus's family.
    It is just a series of processes to make a meal.
    It is not human, not your family, not your dog.
    It's just FOOD
    nothing more, nothing less
    You guys said
    "That's cruel!","Terrible!"
    So how do you guys eat meat?
    REALITY : "Ohhhh beef and pork are really good"
    F*** YOU ALL

  3. That is what i call torture. They are the same as humans although they do not look like us, talk like us, or even move like us. But, they are creatures of God. Respect them like you respect yourself, and like how you respect others. Rest in peace beautiful creature of God. Shame on you! 😪😢😪

  4. Highly intelligent and emotional creatures which are very connected to humans being treated like trash by uncivilized, reptilian, emotionally dead, sub-human scum. They should all be executed 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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