Korean spicy stir-fried pork (Jeyukbokkeum:제육볶음)


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  1. Chinese (Taiwan) caption is up now thanks to our volunteer captioner! If you like to see who submitted the caption, check out the description box.

  2. My Korean mates Mother makes this boil up dish with noodles and fish balls and all sorts of bits and pieces. It';s amazingly good. It has some kind of broth, I dont know what it is but she pre makes the soup before. Someone tell me what it is?

  3. Can I use this as a filling in samgak kimbap? My classmates mother used to make these very tasty samgak kimbap that has stir fried spicy pork and I really wish I knew the recipe. Thank you!!!!

  4. Here in Belarus, where i live you can not find any korean products. BUT! Korean hot pepper paste is ALWAYS easy to find! Going to make this dish right now 🙂
    Thank you for your great videos and recepies, Maangchi!!!

  5. It is 1 am for me and I am so very tired but I am up watching so many of your videos. They are so interesting and I guess I prefer watching them over sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go maangchi thank you for teaching me new tips and tricks. I learned so much watching each video. You have such a strong and pure passion for cooking!

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