Korean Spicy Beef Ramen, Yuk Kal!


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  1. I absolutely love your cooking shows! If you ever wrote a recipe book in the future I'll definitely get one! And thank you So much for these amazing recipes. Keep up the good work😊

  2. I've made this 3 times since I first saw this video just a couple weeks ago. It's soooo good! I'm going through your other videos to see what to make next! Thank you for sharing

  3. Literally JUST made this and i am eating as I post this comment. Let me tell you! Those red pepper flakes are spicy. The ramen I used was a korean spicy chicken flavor and I decided to leave out the meat since I was lazy. The ramen package came with an additional package of gochugaru but I didn't think it would be too spicy so i put it in there. LOL! I was wrong. It it very spicy for me but OH MY GOODNESS it is delicious. I also added some napa cabbage because i just love it.
    Ugh best lunch! So delicious!!! And so EASY. You should all try this recipe.

  4. Hi, I bought some ssamjang but it is a bit too salty for my taste (more salty than when I usually have at Korean restaurants). Can you give me a tip on how to make it more balanced? Shall I add water..or maybe sugar/honey?

  5. As kids my mom always upgraded the soups with chicken and veggies. This looks amazing, I definitely need to try this! I've tried your orange chicken and it's my favorite so far! You're amazing!

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