Korean Restaurant Version Bulgogi Lunch Box (불고기 런치박스)


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  1. Hi Aeri, I realized that the dumpling's link in your description box doesn't work properly and the youtube page displayed that "This video does not exist" 🙁 could you please provide the link again?

  2. I wonder if these lunchboxes can be purchased to be taken portable, having a handle to carry it and be a lot smaller. Also, if the compartments can be removed to be able to heat food item in the microwave. I will have to research it so I can easily take my lunchbox to work and heat foods that need to be eaten hot.

  3. Oh my goodness, you know I was unsubscribed to your channel Ariel 😳 I never unsubscribed myself. I was wondering why I wasn't getting your videos, lucky you replied to one of my old comments. Loved the video as always, you need your own restaurant. Xxx

  4. Do you like to watch more of lunch box videos ?? Is there any particular one you tried and loved in a Korean restaurant? It is always welcome to get your idea and advice for my future videos. 😉 Thanks.

  5. 사용하시는 도마가 예사롭지 않게 보이네요…장인의 도마 같은 ㅎㅎㅎ
    그나저나 도시락이 정말 맛있게 보이네요^^ 한식당 운영하시는것 아니죠? ㅎ
    저는 몽골에 살고 있는데 저렇게 맛있는 도시락은 본적 없는것 같아요 🙂
    영상 끝에 성경말씀이 참~ 좋아요… 저도 사람들이 선교사라고 불러주는
    그런 일을 하거든요^*^

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