Korean Pork Cutlet, Donkasu


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  1. 한국식 왕돈까스가 그리워서 해먹었는데요. 진짜 맛있었어요!!!!! 👍👍👍소스가 거의 4인분 정도 되는것 같아요. 남편도 너무 맛있대요. 멋진 레시피 감사합니다!!! 🙏🏻😃❤️

  2. great recipt 😀
    at least the Donkasu part, havn't tryed the other parts yet 😀
    I just made the curry version with the Donkasu and it was awesome ^^

    And … till now we always mixed the seasoning into the eggs and didn't put it directly on the meat … well that was the last time we did this ^^
    I only added some muskat to the egg itself, for a nice seasoning of the panko
    And I put some lemongrass to the curry aswell (I roasted it together with the onions) tast awesome

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