Korean Fried Chicken Recipe


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  1. That's still good but here in Korea there are chickens like soy sauce or garlic flavored chicken and chicken with spring onion. I hope you guys check out these recipes and try making it!:)

  2. This recipe looks amazing… It's however the middle of the night where I'm at currently… So stomach growls…. Yeah… Shouldn't have watched this video at this time

  3. omg….!! how nice to see my home's food in Sorted!! i have trip in japan about 3 month, so u guys food make me crazy hungry more than ever:) and it was very impressive that i can see how make its souce! i don't know that till u guys! thank u anyways, and thank u for great video everytime😊

  4. Thanks for the recipe, look yummy. For the batter you should try with fresh ginger et potato starch way more cryspier than corn starch. And for the sticky sauce here's mine : fry 4 garlic cloves minced and dried red chili pepper in 2 tbs of oil. Add 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1/2 cup of rice or corn syrup, 1tbs of rice vinegar, 1tbs of Dijon mustard, bring the mixture to boil and finally add 1tbs of brown sugar. Then cover your fried chicken with this delicious sticky sauce, Enjoy !

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